Powder Dosing – Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) of the powder feeding system, LAMBDA DOSER provides more information about the functions of the powder dispenser, the dosing mechanism, its storage capacities, communication interfaces and other accessories.

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Can you please confirm the limits of particle size that can be fed by the dosing system?

How does the LAMBDA DOSER work with a material that is prone to agglomeration?

Is it possible to dose anhydrous sodium sulfate with your DOSER?

Our powder shall not react with the air. Can the powder be protected by filling the DOSER vessel with Nitrogen?

How the LAMBDA DOSER reacts to abrasive materials? Could internal components get damaged over time with continuous abrasion?

DOSER product material

What are the materials of the Doser parts?

DOSER functions

Is the dosing of the LAMBDA DOSER continuous?

Can the LAMBDA DOSER (powder doser) also dose intermittent (meaning, with a pause between each dose) or can it only dose a continuous stream of powder?

DOSER mechanism

Could you give me some more details on the feeding mechanism? Is there a motor (pump) turning to open a gap through which the powder is fed? Is there any part of the system kind of “pushing” the powder out to be supplied?

DOSER storage vessels

Do you have these vessels for LAMBDA Powder DOSER in any other material than glass?
We are interested in clear plastic vessels if you were to have them.

Are the vessels exchangeable? We would like to buy a spare glass container for our powder doser.

Is there an alternative to glass in the 0,2 liter container for the LAMBDA DOSER? Glass can be rather fragile.

DOSER accessories

Could you please explain the difference between the "Distributor (normal)" Model 5804
and the "Distributor for very fluid powders" Model 5805?

Our powder shall not react with the air. Can the powder be protected by filling the DOSER vessel with Nitrogen?

Cables and electric accessories for DOSER

Can you please also confirm if the system would be supplied according to our standard electrical connection?

As a user of LAMBDA DOSER, I need an extra-long remote control cable. Where do I find it?

How do I know if I need a RS-485 or a RS-232 interface?

Integrating DOSER with Mettler accessories

Is it possible to control the DOSER via Mettler Toledo titroprocessor, T50/T70 to dispense NaF to the titration process when required?


Is the control software PNet compatible with both "Win XP" and "Win 7"?

Is there any license to pay for the software?


Do you accept Credit Card payments?

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