Density gradient-based islet separation using computer-controlled LAMBDA pumps

Computer controlled programmable HIFLOW peristaltic pumps used to generate density gradients in automated purification of isolated human islets.

Islet and non-islet tissue have specific and different densities; the differences in densities has been utilized in islet separation and purification. PNet software controlled, HIFLOW peristaltic pump-made density gradients are created to separate the islets from unwanted tissues.

Programming the HIFLOW peristaltic pumps with PNet software

PNet software controlled pumps need instructions for dosing high and low density solutions at specific time points. This precise dosing ensures consistent gradient production.

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HIFLOW peristaltic pumps for density gradient generation in human islets purification

Reference of HIFLOW pumps in density gradient generation

Friberg, Andrew, Magnus Ståhle, Olle Korsgren, and Daniel Brandhorst. "Human islet purification utilizing a semi-closed automated pump system." Xenotransplantation 14, no. 5 (2007): 487-488.

Schematic diagram of automated gradient making system:

Schematic diagram of automated gradient making system with HIFLOW peristaltic pumps