MINI-4-GAS Automatic gas-mix

MINI-4-GAS Automatic gas-mix

LAMBDA gas-mixing module allows a flexible thermal massflow controlled supply of different gases (air, O2, CO2, N2, other gases) with individual gas flow paths for mammalian cell culture as well as high cell density microbial applications in the laboratory.

Build up your own high quality gas station

  • Free selection of gases
  • Individual flow rates per gas
  • Pressure independent flow rate measurement
  • Stand-alone & programmable or remote control by industrial fermentation software SIAM

MINI-4-GAS is as easy to put together as puzzle pieces

  • High quality and cost effective setup
  • Each MASSFLOW will control one gas in your gas-mixture
  • MINI-4-GAS is modular


  • Specially developed for the precise flow measurement and control of gases
  • Uses a high quality laminar mass flow sensor with a very low pressure drop
  • Flow rate is regulated by a special proprietary proportional needle valve controlled by a microprocessor
  • Flow rate is programmable (up to 50 pairs of flow rates and times)
  • Transferred gas volume can be totalized with the INTEGRATOR
MINI-4-GAS is a high quality and cost efficient customizable setup. Free selection of gas types: Air, Oxygen, Carbon dioxide, Nitrogen for high precision; (optional: Methane, Carbon monoxide, etc.) Customizable gas station (2-gas mix, 3-gas mix, 4-gas mix) with massflow gas flow controllers are specially designed to use with the MINIFOR laboratory bioreactors and fermentors. E.g.: it allows control of the pH of a cell culture by the controlled addition of gaseous CO2, the control of dissolved oxygen by regulation of the airflow or any other gas with a suitable controller. However, it can also be used independently, since all its functions can be controlled from the front panel of the MASSFLOW.

Individual flow rates per gas:

  • MASSFLOW 5000: 0 – 5 l/min 
  • MASSFLOW 500: 0 – 500 ml/min
The flow rate is regulated by a special proprietary proportional needle valve controlled by a microprocessor. The flow rate can be programmed and the transferred gas volume totalized with the optional FLOW INTEGRATOR. MINI-4-GAS automatic gas mixing module can be used with MINIFOR fermentor and bioreactor and also as a stand-alone instrument. The extension of industrial fermentation software SIAM, MINI-4-GAS software allows a complete automatic gas-mix control for MINIFOR fermentor – bioreactor system and extension of PNet software for stand-alone MINI-4-GAS module.

According to your project, you can choose

  • Upto 4 gases of your choice in 2 different ranges up to 500 or 5000 ml/min
  • 2 gas-mix for pO2 control and O2 enrichment in high cell density microbial fermentation process and biofuel development
  • 3 gas-mix for pH control by CO2 / anaerobic fermentation
  • 4 gas-mix for cell cultures, stem cells and tissue cultures
  • Constant total flow