GAPOR from M. maripaludis expressed in E. coli using LAMBDA MINIFOR fermenter

Biochemical characterization of GAPORMm produced in LAMBDA MINIFOR fermenter

Enzyme characterization studies are important to obtain valuable information that can help future studies in molecular engineering, proteomics, metabolomics, among other biotechnological applications. On this field, Japanese researchers from the R & D Division of Fujirebio, Inc. investigated, for the first time, the enzyme GAPOR from M. maripaludis to understand its biochemical and biophysical characteristics.

In this experiment, the researchers cultivated M. maripaludis and genomic DNA of GAPOR was extracted from a recombinant E. coli grown in the LAMBDA MINIFOR fermentor system to obtain GAPORMm for the biochemical and biophysical characterization.

Enzyme production in MINIFOR laboratory fermenter

Figure 1. GAPORMm expressed in E. coli using MINIFOR fermenter. []

Transcript and enzyme assays showed that GAPORMm only operates in the glycolytic direction and it is more likely to play a metabolic role under non-steady-state growth conditions (for example, stationary phase or stress) or under growth conditions dependent on alternative substrates.

LAMBDA MINIFOR: a suitable fermentor for anaerobic bacterial cultures

Anaerobic fermentation requires a nitrogen, carbon dioxide, or another by-product of the fermentation process to maintain the oxygen-free conditions. Thanks to the in-built thermal massflow in the LAMBDA MINIFOR fermentor the regulation of the nitrogen flow can be achieved.

Among various advantages of LAMBDA MINIFOR we can highlight:

  1. The innovative self-cleaning micro-sparger which allows an excellent N2 distribution in the anaerobic cultivation system.
  2. Suitable to work with aerobic and micro-aerophilic or anaerobic bacteria:
  3. Efficient mixing for bacterial cultures.
  4. Cost-efficiency with a modular & ergonomic design.

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Keywords: Methanococcus maripaludis, GAPOR, enzyme characterization, anaerobic culture, MINIFOR fermenter.