LAMBDA Newsletter 2016-October

LAMBDA Laboratory News 2016

MINIFOR fermenter-bioreactor at Tate Modern, London  MINIFOR laboratory fermentor and bioreactor

“Mysterious Bioreactor” at Tate Modern, London

Microorganisms growing inside MINIFOR bioreactor create patterns which trigger the sequence of events at Philippe Parreno's Anywhen, London

MINIFOR lab fermentor-bioreactor: 360 overview 

360 overview of MINIFOR convinces that handling of laboratory bench-top fermentor and bioreactor can be made simple, easy and convenient

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Automated powder dispenser DOSER-HIDOSER  OMNICOLL fraction collector-customized 6-channel for 96-well plates  

Still using spatula to dose powders?

Repeated and reproducible weighing of powders manually in lab is a tedious process. Automate your powder dispensing with DOSER and HI-DOSER


Multi-talented fraction collector

Project specific multi-channel OMNICOLL fraction collector customization, to be used together lab existing (third-party) peristaltic pumps


Reliable laboratory syringe pumps

VIT-FIT high pressure and high force syringe pumps with high resolution flow rate control for sophisticated dispensing and flow control applications

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