Pump line for controlled addition of acid or base

Pump line for controlled addition of acid or base

Acid or base pump line for automatic pH control in MINIFOR fermentor and bioreactor START-UP KIT or stand-alone LAMBDA pH-stat. (Two PRECIFLOW pump lines for acid and base are included in MINIFOR ADVANCED KIT).

Liquid base or liquid acid (buffers) are added automatically by the PRECIFLOW peristaltic pumps according to the difference between set-point and actual measurement on the MINIFOR bench-top fermentor-bioreactor. Thus, the pH regulation is not done simply by ON/OFF, but over the whole speed range of the pump.

Pumps could be used as a stand-alone instrument.

The following accessories are included in the additional acid or base pump line (Art. No.: 800011):

  • Remote controllable PRECIFLOW peristaltic pump (flow rate range: 0-600 ml/h) with RS-485 interface
  • Pump remote control cable (8-poles) to connect to the MINIFOR fermentor-bioreactor
  • Autoclavable silicone tubing line
  • Reagent storage bottle with pipes, fittings and filter
  • Magnetic bottle holder
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