Automated powder dosing in lab

Safe, controlled and reproducible dosing of crystalline or powdery substances is a big problem on laboratory scale. The most efficient solution to the problem is automated powder dispensing:

Powder dosing in life science and analytical laboratories

In the life sciences or analytical laboratories, it is important to weigh the powders accurately and to achieve reproducible results:

  • In sample preparation processes, the reproducibility is essential, because the same amount of powder should always be filled in different recipients or containers.

  • In biotechnology and chemical process procedures, continuously a defined amount of chemicals should be dosed accurately and reproducibly into the reactor.

Manual weighing is inefficient

Manual weighing of substances with a spoon or spatula is inefficient for the above mentioned applications. Additionally, manual handling of powder involves the risk of cross contamination and spillage of the dosing.

Usually, the manual continuous dosing of powders are unrepeatable or inaccurate.

Automated powder dosing with LAMBDA DOSER and HI-DOSER

With the DOSER and HI-DOSER, the handling of free flowing and homogeneous powders in the laboratory is made simple and safe.

The laboratory processes can be automated with programmable powder dispensing instrument DOSER which reduces the human error & risk of spillage and conforms to safety standards.

The powder DOSER and HI-DOSER comply with the modern safety requirements and fulfils the criteria of a good laboratory practice (GLP) and GMP.

For sterile applications, the compact powder DOSER can be placed inside a laminar hood, clean room / HEPA-filtered ventilation. Dosing of hazardous substances can be controlled inside the glove box.

For continuous powder feeding, the automatic powder dosing instrument can also be controlled via process control system (PCS) and thus, integrated directly in the biotechnology or chemical processes. The powder feeder can be fixed to the ports of chemical reactors, fermenters or bioreactors for efficient handling of free flowing powders.