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LAMBDA Laboratory Instruments develops innovative, high quality laboratory instruments with an excellent price to performance ratio: laboratory fermentor, fermenters, bioreactor for cell culture, peristaltic pumps, syringe pumps, fraction collectors, powder dosing (powder pump), mass flow gas controllers and fermentation software for biotechnology, microbiology, food and agricultural research and development.

Personal lab experience is essential for making good laboratory instruments. We love to construct them for you with the same care, as we would do them for ourselves (see our Credo), therefore our instruments are practical, economical and use inventive ideas not found elsewhere. Low cost and high quality are not always contradictions. By visiting these pages you will see that we always concentrate on the essential.

LAMBDA Laboratory Instruments - where innovation keeps quality high and prices low

Laboratory industrial bench-top Bioreactor - LAMBDA MINIFOR
MINIFOR Bioreactor

Perfect and easy sterility - autoclavable bench-top bioreactor for cell cultures

• New soft radiation heating
• New biomimicking “fish-tail“ stirrer for gentle and efficient mixing of cell cultures.
• Fully automatic gas flow control
• Self-cleaning gas microsparger
• Vessels - Culture volumes from 0.035 l to over 6 l in just one bioreactor. Laboratory scale in laboratory instruments.
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Laboratory benchtop Fermentor - LAMBDA MINIFOR
MINIFOR Fermenter

Through innovation to quality fermenter/fermentor at half-cost. New concepts in laboratory fermentation:

• New whole glass vessels with threaded necks and fittings increase flexibility of use
• Automatic control of temperature, pH, pO2 (dissolved oxygen DO), air-flow
• New infrared radiator for “sun-like“ gentle, precise and economic culture heating (no expensive water bath required)
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Fraction Collector / Sampler - LAMBDA OMNICOLL
OMNICOLL Fraction Collector and Sampler

Almost unlimited flexibility – opens new possibilities in chromatography and multiple stream sampling.

• Collects fractions in any racks of your choice
• Collects unlimited number of fractions in single or multiple fractions
• Unlimited number of programs
• Fractionation according to time or volume; drop counter (optional)
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Peristaltic pumps - LAMBDA Preciflow, Multiflow, Hiflow, Maxiflow, Megaflow

were developed as the result of twenty years of laboratory experience and involved the systematic elimination of the imperfections found in other peristaltic pumps on the market. The result is a practical, precise and reliable peristaltic pump, which is the most compact in its class.

• Flow rates from 0.01 to 60000 ml/hr
• Large digital speed setting range
• Flow rate programming
• Extensive remote controls
• 5 years warranty*
• Greatly extended tubing life with decreased pulsation
• Low voltage plug-in power supply for maximum safety
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Syringe pump - infusion pump - LAMBDA VIT-FIT - Fully programmable syringe pump
Polyvalent programmable syringe pump - LAMBDA VIT-FIT

High precision and excellent price/performance ratio.

• New syringe fixing system “VIT-FIT“ allows almost any syringe to be used without adapter (from micro-syringes to large volume syringes of 150 ml and more)
• The syringe is tightly held in both directions – infusion and filling
• Highest mechanical stability allows for high pumping forces and precise flow rates without pulsation
• High force of 300 N (600 N for high-pressure syringe pump model)
• Programmable
• Two valve outputs
• Remote controls
• RS-485 interface
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Programmable Gas Flow Controller - LAMBDA MASSFLOW
Programmable Gas Flow Controller - LAMBDA MASSFLOW

The gas flow controller LAMBDA MASSFLOW allows a precise and automatic control of the pH in cell cultures without the need of any other gas station:

•Allows the control of pH of cell cultures by controlled addition of gaseous CO2, N2 or any other gas with a suitable controller
• High-quality laminar mass flow sensor with minimal pressure drop
• Can be used independently - all functions accessible from the front panel
• Flow rate regulation by a proprietary proportional needle valve controlled by a microprocessor
• Programmable flow rates from 0 - 500 ml/min or 0 - 5 l/min
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Powder dosing - LAMBDA DOSER

for powder dosing. Unique powder pump for free-flowing solid substances.

• For automatic or continuous addition of solids, powders, crystalline substances, nano-materials and nano powders without a spoon.
• Dosing speed range from 0 to 999.
• Reproducible dosing flow rates (e.g. 50 mg/min to 50 g/min for NaCl).
• Allows operation in controlled atmospheres.
• Safe operation with hazardous material - GLP.
• Programmable; Remote controls; RS-interface
• Easy assembly and cleaning
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Air compressor and vacuum pump - LAMBDA AeroSilento
Air compressor and vacuum pump - AeroSilento

To supply vacuum or compressed air, e.g. for the aeration of fermenters and bioreactors in biotechnological laboratories not equipped by central air and vacuum lines, LAMBDA has developed an innovative, microprocessor controlled, pressure-regulated compact and virtually noiseless air compressor and vacuum pump - the LAMBDA AeroSilento.

• maintenance-free operation
• oil-free operation
• low pulsation
• extremely low noise level (comparable to a PC)
• long lifetime
• excellent flow and pressure stability
• can be used as a compressor as well as a vacuum pump
• very small dimensions (front dimensions of about half a page)
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Allows visualizing how much liquid, gas or powder has been transferred in function of time in controlled processes.


Fermenter-Bioreactor control software - FNet
Software for full remote control of fermentors. Recording of fermentations and cell cultures.

With PNet you can realize flow profiles on the LAMBDA peristaltic pumps, the syringe pump, and also for the DOSER powder dosing instrument and the MASSFLOW gas flow controller.

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