Art. No.Accessories
4801PRECIFLOW peristaltic pump, 0-600 ml/hr, not programmable
4901MULTIFLOW peristaltic pump, 0-600 ml/hr, programmable
5001HIFLOW peristaltic pump, 0-3’000 ml/hr, programmable
6001MAXIFLOW peristaltic pump, 0-10’000 ml/hr, programmable
6910Remote control cable for fraction collector (analog)
6910-rsRS-232 connection cable
6911Communication module for pump switching and RS-232 connection
6912Set for keeping two lower parts together
6913-1Tube rack for tubes diam. 12/13 mm
6913-2Tube rack for tubes diam. 16 mm
6913-3Tube rack for tubes diam. 20 mm
6913-4Tube rack for tubes diam. 25 mm
6913-5Tube rack for tubes diam. 30 mm
6920Accessory for “moving” front side simultaneous fractions (incl. 3 pipe guides)
6923Accessory for “fixed” rear side multiple fractions (up to more than 18 fractions)
6930Gear bar extensions (2 pieces)
6926Drop-counter (detector)
6929Communication module with RS-232, drop counting electronics, valve interface
6914Pump remote control cable (2 poles, with open end)
4810-sPump remote control cable (5 poles)
4810-ISM15Remote control cable for ISMATEC multi-channel pump (15 pin connector) 
4810-ISM15-9Converter cable for ISMATEC multi-channel pump (15 pin to 9 pin connector)
6911-minipulsCommunication module for control of Gilson Minipuls multi-channel pump

Spare parts

6902Support (lower part of collector)
6903Plug-in power supply (9V)
6904Fixing mat
6905Support for pump
6906-SSupporting rod for columns diam. 12 mm 60cm
6906-LSupporting rod for columns diam. 12 mm 100cm
6907Lateral supports for rod
6908Tube guide
6909Stop magnet
6916PTFE tubing ext. diam. 1.8 mm (5 m)
6917Coding magnetic band for X-axis (5 pieces)
6918Coding magnetic band for Y-axis (5 pieces)
6919Support for coding magnetic band for X-axis
6921Pipe guide for simultaneous fractions 1 piece
6922Magnetic tubing guide
6924Hexagonal key set
6925O-ring for tubing fixing (5 pieces)
6928White pen for fraction position marking