Automated dispensing of powder portions in LABORATORY - implemented easily with a click!

Are you repeatedly dispensing same small amount of powder portions manually by spatula in the lab?

Then, sooner or later you will need a powder dosing device to free yourself for other tasks:

Automated powder dispenser, DOSER & HI-DOSER – now available with a foot-switch for powder dispensing in the laboratory! 

Automated powder dosing in the lab with DOSER and foot-switch

The time consuming conventional manual dispensing can now be replaced quickly and simply by the powder pump: 

The laboratory technician fills the recipient with the powder, sets the size of the sample to be dispensed and, with every click of the foot-switch, the programmed quantity is added into the container. 

Powder dispensing with a click instead of a spatula saves time in media preparation, monitoring and screening: Hundreds of portions of the same substance (media components or active ingredients) can be prepared in different recipients easily with a click. 

How would you like it?

LAMBDA laboratory devices are also adaptable for powder portioning. The footswitch is available in two versions:

1. Standard foot-switch:

The powder is dispensed as long as the footswitch is pressed. The addition of powder stops when the footswitch is released. 

Automated dispensing of powder portions with DOSER and foot-switch in lab

2. Bistable or toggle footswitch: 

First click on the footswitch starts the powder dispensing and the second click stops the addition.

Automated powder dispensing with bistable footswitch

“Cycle” program setting

The powder DOSER can also be used for dispensing powder portions without a foot-switch. You can program the powder pump to dispense a certain amount of powder and then, pause for a certain time. 

The addition of powder portions can be repeated infinitely with the “cycle” setting in the program. 

Programming "cycle" in the powder DOSER to run dosing profile infinitely

Please refer to Figure 2.14 at Programming section of powder DOSER and HI-DOSER user guide.

Rate of dosing powder portions is adjustable

The dosing rate of the powder portions can also be adjusted directly on the powder pump. The LAMBDA DOSER can be adapted to the powder, size of the powder portions and the respective user.