LAMBDA Newsletter 2015-October

LAMBDA Laboratory News 2015

Introducing HI-DOSER

New powder dosing instrument with larger capacity vessel of 3L and increased dosing rates from 250 mg/min to 250 g/min (e.g. for NaCl).

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MEGAFLOW peristaltic pumping of up to 60 l/h

The tried and tested LAMBDA peristaltic pump series are extended by a compact and stackable pump with flow rates of up to 60'000 ml/hour.

Personalize the OMNICOLL for your application

Collect fractions / samples of virtually any volume to any recipient, e.g. from 96-well plates to large volume bottles with single or multiple streams.

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 LAMBDA VIT-FIT syringe pump with thick-walled precision syringe 50 ml


Extended flow rates of VIT-FIT Syringe Pump

The high-pressure and high-speed VIT-FIT syringe pumps with their well-proven robust mechanics offer now an increased flow rate range.

Access the respiratory coefficient of your culture

O2-OXYMETER and CO2-CARBOMETER gas concentration measurement devices provide the RQ values of your process.

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