LAMBDA Newsletter 2015-January

LAMBDA Laboratory News 2015

Do you need a reliable peristaltic pump for your lab quickly?

It is easy to get a LAMBDA peristaltic pump! 

Simply order it in our new e-shop and we will ship it to you the day after.
Which LAMBDA peristaltic pump you need for your laboratory?

Feel safe while dosing powders in the lab!

All our DOSERs comply with modern laboratory safety in handling powders.

Coming soon: Larger capacity vessels along with higher dosing speeds!
LAMBDA powder dosing-powder feeding instrument DOSER

Have a look inside your syringe for high-pressure applications

High-pressure and high-speeds with very precise thick-walled syringes of chemically resistant glass.
LAMBDA VIT-FIT syringe pump with thick-walled precision syringe 50 ml

Get new insights of your culture growth at 20x lower cost

Simple and precise replacement of expensive OD (optical density) measurement. 
Pump-flow INTEGRATOR replaces OD measurement.
Economic replacement for expensive optical density measurements

Take fractions or samples wherever you need

From microtiter plates to large capacity bottles with virtually no limits in configuration (multi-stream collection, any tube racks or recipients, extendible capacity,...)
Fraction collection in microtitre plates by OMNICOLL fraction collector and auto-sampler

Move it like a fish - efficient biomimetic stirring in lab bioreactors

Have you ever seen a fish with a marine propeller? 
Check out why fish-tail agitation is beneficial for your cells in lab-scale fermenters and bioreactors.
Have you ever seen a fish with a marine propeller?