Powder feeder for chemical reactor, bioreactor and fermenter

LAMBDA DOSER and HI-DOSER for automated powder addition and solid feeding into chemical reactor, bioreactor and fermenter.

Powder feeder for chemical reactor, bioreactor and fermenter

In the recent study by University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA and São Paulo State University, Brazil, powder feeder DOSER was used to feed lignocellulosic biomass into the bioreactor for fed-batch enzymatic hydrolysis. The feeding operation by powder DOSER was controlled by timely commands from LabVIEW (fuzzy logic control system).

Automated LAMBDA solid feeder for chemical reactor, bioreactor and fermenter

Figure 1: Reference Tai, Chao, Diego S. Voltan, Deepak R. Keshwani, George E. Meyer, and Pankaj S. Kuhar. "Fuzzy logic feedback control for fed-batch enzymatic hydrolysis of lignocellulosic biomass." Bioprocess and biosystems engineering (2016): 1-8.


LAMBDA DOSER powder feeder for chemical reactors, bioreactors and fermenters

In the life sciences or analytical laboratories, automated processes to add defined amount of powdery substances to the chemical reactor, bioreactor or fermentor at regular intervals reduce human error and conforms to safety.

The powder feeding using LAMBDA powder DOSER can be automated by:

  • Programming flow profile with pauses on the control display,
  • Remote control by an external signal. For example: 0-10 V (dosing speed control); 3-12 V DC (ON/OFF control); option 0-20 or 4-20 mA; Foot-switch.
  • Digital remote control (e.g.: from a PC software like PNet pump control software, LABVIEW)


Fixing powder feeder to the reactor

Due to the compact design of the powder DOSER, it can get easily fixed to the ports of the chemical reactor, fermenter or bioreactor for efficient handling of free flowing powders.

The powder DOSER comes with a ground glass adapter with NS 29/32 fitting. NS joints are also referred to as ‘B’ joints, e.g. B29 (B29/32) is the same as NS 29/32.

The suitable glass adapters could be used to connect the ground NS 29/32 of powder DOSER to the desired reactor port.

Glass adaptor with ground NS 29/32 fitting of LAMBDA powder feeder DOSER and HI-DOSER

Figure 2: NS 29/32 ground glass adapter of LAMBDA powder DOSER and HI-DOSER


Additional information about the LAMBDA powder feeder DOSER and HI-DOSER could be found at www.lambda-instruments.com/powder-doser/


If you have questions, need a quotation or price of the powder feeder DOSER, please contact us at sales@lambda-instruments.com.

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