Production of Biogas using LAMBDA MINIFOR

Lab-scale renewable energy generation with LAMBDA MINIFOR anaerobic bioreactor

Food wastewater and agribusiness are a resource for energy and nutrients. These wastewaters can be processed in a Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) where a perm-selective membrane, e.g. microfiltration or ultrafiltration, is integrated into a bioreactor.

Australian and Vietnamese researchers developed an interesting study on wastewater treatment to produce energy from biogas and nutrients for microalgal cultivation using a hybrid system with anaerobic membrane bioreactor (AnMBR) and a microalgal membrane reactor (MMR). Figure 1 shows the hybrid system on which the LAMBDA MINIFOR is integrated as anaerobic membrane bioreactor.


Figure 1. Hybrid system (a) LAMBDA MINIFOR anaerobic bioreactor with an immersed membrane, (b) microalgal membrane reactor. M.T. Vu, H.P. Vu, L.N. Nguyen et al. / Environmental Technology & Innovation 19 (2020) []

In this hybrid system, the LAMBDA MINIFOR bioreactor with a submerge membrane (PVDF -Polyvinylidene fluoride) was running continuously for 80 days. The system consisted of a 3L MINIFOR advanced kit containing two LAMBDA Peristaltic Pumps (feed and effluent pump), LAMBDA REDOX measurement unit and combined redox-temperature-pH probe. The effluent of the LAMBDA anaerobic digester was directly fed to culture microalgae Chlorella vulgaris in the MMR for biomass production.

The anaerobic digester LAMBDA MINIFOR removed above 97% of Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) and produced an average of 2.4 kWh/kg COD (feed) day in the form of biogas (Nguyen et al., 2020). These results obtained confirm the feasibility of LAMBDA MINIFOR in the development of studies to treat high-strength wastewater and produce energy.

LAMBDA MINIFOR system: anaerobic bioreactor to produce biogas

The LAMBDA MINIFOR bioreactor is a suitable option to study the transformation of wastewater into biogas, since it allows maintaining the necessary conditions for obtaining energy from organic waste.

Among its main advantages we can mention:

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Keywords: anaerobic membrane bioreactor, anaerobic digestion, biogas, organic waste, microalgal membrane reactor.