LAMBDA dosing pump: For quick & reproducible serial dilution

LAMBDA Laboratory Instruments offer LAMBDA dosing pump with optional foot-switch for filling agar plates. Also, diluents like media or saline solution for serial dilution can be dispensed quickly and aseptically.

LAMBDA dosing pump: For quick & reproducible serial dilution

Serial dilutions in microbiology can be performed quicker and under aseptic conditions with LAMBDA peristaltic pump / dosing pump:

Dosing pump for serial dilution or parallel dilution

Whether you are preparing dilution steps from successively diluted solution (serial dilution) or dilution series directly from the concentrated stock solution (parallel dilution), you always have to prepare several number of test tubes to dose a large quantity of dilution solution.

Preparing a series of sterile dilutions of the sample consecutively is a time consuming task. Now, LAMBDA Laboratory Instruments offer an ideal solution with the LAMBDA dosing pump!


Dosing pump & accessories for serial dilution

The LAMBDA dosing pump is a compact and easy-to-handle peristaltic pump, which can be used with an optional foot-switch for sterile liquid dispensing applications.

LAMBDA dosing pumps for quick and sterile serial dilutions

  • DOSING PUMP: Small & ideal for sterile applications
  • PUMP TUBING: Autoclavable silicone tubing (reusable)
  • FOOT-SWITCH: Ergonomic handling in laboratory experiments

 LAMBDA Laboratory Instruments offers a foot-switch with the LAMBDA dosing pump, which helps to conveniently dispense diluents such as sterile media or saline solution for the dilution series.


Advantages of LAMBDA peristaltic pump

1. Quick preparation of dilution series

Whether you carry out serial or parallel dilutions, the preparation can be handled faster with the help of a cost-effective, handy and easy-to-use LAMBDA dosing pump!

2. Aseptic handling

The dilution series in microbiology can be prepared under sterile conditions:

  • Compact LAMBDA peristaltic pump fits inside any laminar flow cabinets (hoods).
  • Solvent-resistant surfaces of the peristaltic pump can be disinfected.
  • Silicone tubing (the only material in direct contact with the sterile liquid) can be sterilized.


Dosing and peristaltic pump from LAMBDA Laboratory Instruments

LAMBDA dosing pumps for sterile media dispensing in serial dilutions

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