Advantages of versatile fraction collector and sampler LAMBDA OMNICOLL

Short overview of the advantages of LAMBDA OMNICOLL fraction collector and sampler.

OMNICOLL is not outperformed by any other fraction collector on the market:

The OMNICOLL fraction collector and sampler can be used for all kinds of chromatography. In the number of simultaneous streams to be collected, the versatility to easily adapt to virtually any kind of recipient or rack as well as the large and extendible capacity, the OMNICOLL is not outperformed by any other fraction collector on the market.

The LAMBDA OMNICOLL introduce new concepts in fraction collection and sampling:

  • One unit for all applications:

    • Collects fractions in any racks of your choice
    • Collects unlimited number of fractions in single or multiple fractions
    • Extremely easy programming of rack and tube position

  • Unlimited number of programs:

    • Fractionation according to time
    • Optional drop-counter
    • Sampling with pause and line washing

  • The collector electronics placed above the tubes: 

    • No danger of spilling
    • Can be placed in a cold bath or any other thermo-stabilized container

  • Safety:

    • Low voltage power supply
    • Battery operation possible for field-applications


Customization possibilities of OMNICOLL fraction collector and sampler

Overview of customization possibilities of the OMNICOLL fraction collector and sampler

OMNICOLL fraction collector can be used as a single channel collector and multi-channel collector. The multichannel configuration could be removed to use as a single channel collector.

No special sampling tubes or test tube racks are needed to collect the fractions. All kinds of sampling tubes and laboratory sampling racks or recipients (drops to liters) can be used.

Single channel fraction collector (with or without LAMBDA peristaltic pump)Multichannel fraction collector (up to 20 simultaneous streams configuration)
OMNICOLL single channel fraction collector with LAMBDA peristaltic pumpLAMBDA multichannel fraction collector with third-party multichannel peristaltic pumps

Unlimited number of fractions can be collected in both single and multiple stream configurations. OMNICOLL fraction collector can work together with LAMBDA peristaltic pumps or any third party multi-channel peristaltic pumps

Customized 3-channel fraction collection configuration for 96-well plates (inverted support plate)Simultaneous 12 streams (fixed 2x6) fraction collection configuration for 250 ml bottles (1x additional extension)
Customized 3-channel OMNICOLL fraction collector for 96-well plates12 simultaneous fraction collector configuration with an additional support extension


For high recipient holders or large volume recipients

The bottom yellow support plate of the LAMBDA OMNICOLL fraction collector & autosampler can also be easily modified for custom applications.

LAMBDA OMNICOLL fraction collectors & autosamplers offer the possibility to customize the height and length for the desired sampling vessels :

  • For sampling into extremely large bottles or containers, the bottom yellow support plate of the fraction collector support can be removed. 
    The support is still held together by the lateral holders.
    The support can thus be placed on a holder structure to adjust the height.
  • Another possibility would be to supply a customized support with an increased height.
    For this, we would need to know the desired height and expected numbers of such customized supports.
  • The bottom support plate can be inverted to reduce the distance between the fractionation arm and recipients (please refer the example configuration with the microtiter plates, above).
  • For large number of fractions, the length of the fraction collector can be extended with additional support extension at any time (please refer the example configuration with 250 ml bottles and an additional support extension, above).


Technical specifications of the OMNICOLL fraction collector could be found at and the operating instructions at