實驗室級發酵槽 MINIFOR

High quality and innovative lab scale fermentor and benchtop bioreactor at a reasonably low cost. Through innovation to quality, new concepts to increase productivity in laboratory fermentation and cell culture experiments:


自動樣品收集品 OMNICOLL

Almost unlimited flexibility – opens new possibilities in chromatography and multiple stream sampling.


Programmable Gas Flow Controller - LAMBDA MASSFLOW




were developed as the result of twenty years of laboratory experience and involved the systematic elimination of the imperfections found in other peristaltic pumps on the market.


用藥錠加藥機 DOSER

For safe dosing of chemicals in your lab. Unique powder pump for free-flowing solid substances.


用精密型加藥器 VIT-FIT

High precision and excellent price/performance ratio.


Peltier electronic cooling loop

Additional HIFLOW pump line

HIFLOW peristaltic pump, reagent bottle with pipes, fittings, filter and tubing

HIFLOW peristaltic pump line for fed-batch and continuous fermentations, used to feed or harvest medium from fermenter and bioreactor LAMBDA MINIFOR.

Additional MAXIFLOW pump line

MAXIFLOW pump, reagent bottle with pipes, fittings, filter and tubing

MAXIFLOW pump line for fed-batch and continuous fermentations, used to feed or harvest medium from fermenter and bioreactor LAMBDA MINIFOR.

Additional MULTIFLOW pump line

MULTIFLOW pump, reagent bottle with pipes, fittings, filter and tubing

MULTIFLOW pump line for feed (example: vitamins, trace elements, etc.) or harvest from bench-top bioreactor and fermenter LAMBDA MINIFOR.

Additional PRECIFLOW pump line

PRECIFLOW pump 0-600 ml/h, reagent bottle with pipes, fittings, filter, tubing

PRECIFLOW pump line to add or remove liquids from laboratory fermenter and bioreactor LAMBDA MINIFOR.

Automatic antifoam control

Save both money and valuable bench space around the MINIFOR laboratory fermentor-bioreactor with the world smallest antifoam control system.


CO2 concentration measurement (0-100%)

CARBOMETER measures the concentration of the CO2 in outgas/exit gas.

FNet - Fermentor Control Software

FNet is a software for monitoring fermentation and cell culture processes with the LAMBDA MINIFOR laboratory fermenter. The software runs under Windows NT, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10:

LUMO light intensity controller

LUMO programmable light controller with external LED light source for phototrophic cultures.


CH4 concentration measurement (0-100%)

METHAMETER measures the concentration of CH4 in outgas / exhaust gas

MINI-4-GAS Automatic gas-mix

LAMBDA gas-mixing module allows a flexible thermal massflow controlled supply of different gases (air, O2, CO2, N2, other gases) with individual gas flow paths for mammalian cell culture as well as high cell density microbial applications in the laboratory.

MINI-4-GAS software module

MINI-4-gas automatic gas mixing module software module allows complete automatic gas-mix control for the MINIFOR fermenter-bioreactor and other third-party bioreactors.


O2 concentration measurement (0-25%)

OXYMETER measures the concentration of the O2 in outgas/exit gas.

PNet control software

PNet is a PC control software for the remote control and data storage of LAMBDA laboratory instruments (peristaltic pumps PRECIFLOW, MULTIFLOW, HIFLOW, MAXIFLOW, MEGAFLOW, syringe pump VIT-FIT, powder dosing instrument DOSER and gas flow controller MASSFLOW).

Pump line for controlled addition of acid or base

PRECIFLOW peristaltic pump with accessories for automatic pH control

Acid or base pump line for automatic pH control in MINIFOR fermentor and bioreactor START-UP KIT or stand-alone LAMBDA pH-stat. (Two PRECIFLOW pump lines for acid and base are included in MINIFOR ADVANCED KIT).


Pump-flow INTEGRATOR allows the electronic recording of the transferred amount of liquid/powder/gas as a function of time.

REDOX potential measurement [mV]

LAMBDA REDOX control unit connected to the MINIFOR fermenter-bioreactor allows the measurement of the Red-Ox potential (ORP) and the digital transfer of the data to the PC with the help of the fermentation software.

Scale module for continuous cultures

Chemostat: Weighing module to keep the culture weight constant (connected to channel "X" of the MINIFOR)

SIAM industrial fermentation software

SIAM, an industrial fermentation software with unlimited possibilities (e.g.: redox potential, CARBOMETER, OXYMETER, METHAMETER, third party peristaltic pumps, fermenters and other instruments)