If, as a consequence of tube breakage, syringe leakage or some other accident, liquid spills in the top of the pump, disconnect the pump from the mains and clean it by removing the liquid and rinsing it with water. The VIT-FIT syringe pump is constructed in a way, that within certain limits the liquid should not penetrate into the interior of the pump.

Clean the pump with a damp cloth. Mild solvents like ethanol, isopropanol, alkanes are tolerated, if the exposure is short. A Teflon (or Elox coating) covers the black surfaces and even acetone can be used on these areas (but not on the front panel and display area).

Should you have any difficulties or questions concerning your LAMBDA VIT-FIT or VIT-FIT HP high-pressure syringe pump, please contact our service office (support@lambda-instruments.com).