Unique bio-mimicking agitation with "fish-tail" stirring discs

By mimicking the fish tail, LAMBDA created a new mixing disc, where high efficiency of stirring is provided without the destructive mechanical damaging and cutting of living cells.

Gentle yet efficient mixing

The up and down movement of one or more "fish-tail" stirring discs provides gentle mixing both in horizontal and vertical direction. At the same time, it eliminates cutting edges and micro-eddies formed by all common impellers (used in bioreactors). As a consequence, the cell viability is increased.


Did you know, it took over 500 millions years for nature to develop a perfect fish-tail for energy transmission in the water?

Only LAMBDA uses this know-how of nature to produce a unique Bio-mimicking "Fish-tail" bioagitator... 

Move it like a fish!

Nature has invented the right solution long before mankind appeared on earth! 

The agitating discs of the 'fish-tail' bioagitator are elastic and have the typical form of fish tails.

In analogy to a fish tail, this shape of the stirring disc produces an efficient energy transfer in liquid (culture medium).

Have you ever seen a fish moving with a propeller instead of a tail?

Bioagitator - An optimal choice for cell culture

  • Gentle and efficient mixing in both horizontal and vertical direction.
  • No cutting edges and no eddies or turbulence formed during the agitation.
  • Efficient medium circulation with the up and down movement of the fish-tail discs.
  • Cells are not broken or destroyed due to the hydrodynamic shear stress.
  • Optimal oxygenation and gas exchange in the medium (no air flooding).