Optimized vessel design: MINIFOR bench-top fermentor-bioreactor


Optimized vessel design of laboratory fermenter-bioreactor LAMBDA MINIFOR    

The very expensive, clumsy and complex to set up traditional metal head plates were completely eliminated and replaced by new threaded glass vessels.

The vessels are made of high quality Pyrex glass with one large threaded central opening for the fixation of the easy sterility membrane and vibro-mixer.

The 8 threaded necks for the connection of different probes, air outlet, sample withdrawal, inoculation etc.

The threaded side necks allow unhindered access to all ports. Multi-seal permanent stoppers are easy-to-use and eliminate sealing problems.

Advantages of using optimized MINIFOR fermentation vessels:

  • Economical and flexible solution at laboratory stage
  • Elimination of complex and expensive head plates
  • Optimized user friendly vessel design
  • Unique ergonomic easy sterility concept minimizing contamination
  • Reduced heating, cooling and sterilization times
  • Perfect visibility into the vessel
  • Easy and precise control of the process parameters at any volume
  • Modular and cost efficient construction
  • Better work productivity due to the elimination of contamination risk


Unprecedented volume range: 35 ml to 6 liters

The standard 1 L fermentation vessel has a working volume of up to 1.7 liter (other vessels with working volumes from 35 ml to up to 6 liters can also be provided). 

Vessel type:  0.3 L  0.4 L  1 L  3 L  7 L


Culture vessel 0.3 liter with working volume from 35 ml for laboratory bioreactor and benchtop fermentor Lambda Minifor



Cultivation vessel 0.4 liter with culture volume from 150 ml for bench-top bioreactor and laboratory fermentor Lambda Minifor



Fermentor vessel 1 liters with fermentation volumes up to 1.7 liters for laboratory bioreactor and benchtop fermenter Lambda Minifor


Bioreactor vessel 3 liter with working volume up to 3 liters for lab bioreactors and fermentors Lambda Minifor

Fermentation vessel 7 liters with working volumes up to 6 liters for lab fermenters and bioreactors Lambda Minifor
Volume: *)35 mL – 400 mL150 mL – 450 mL300 mL – 1.7 L500 mL – 3 L1 L – 6 L
Height: **)34 cm22 cm34 cm37 cm50 cm
Diameter: **)22 cm23 cm25 cm34 cm30 cm

*) Volume: Approximate minimal and maximal working volumes. The working volumes may vary according to the conditions of each application.

**) Height + Diameter: Approximate dimensions of the vessel for autoclaving with typical accessories. May vary according to the fermenter /bioreactor configuration and used accessories.


Interchange vessel volume at LOW COST

Several interchangeable vessel types allow growing cultures in volumes from 35 ml to over 6 liters with just one single instrument.

The ports for the probes are located in such a way that the same probes can be used in any vessel volume. This makes a considerable economy when compared with bioreactors of other producers.

An adjustable holder maintains the vessel in position. With the exception of inexpensive lateral vessel holders and stirring axis all other parts can be reused, when working with different fermentation vessel sizes.