REDOX potential measurement [mV]

REDOX potential measurement [mV]

LAMBDA REDOX control unit connected to the MINIFOR fermenter-bioreactor allows the measurement of the Red-Ox potential (ORP) and the digital transfer of the data to the PC with the help of the fermentation software.

Redox potential (ORP) measurements on lab fermentor and bioreactor

For measurement of RedOx potential (ORP) in the medium, LAMBDA laboratory instruments offers REDOX probe, LAMBDA REDOX measurement unit and connections to MINIFOR laboratory fermentor and bioreactor.


Autoclavable REDOX electrode

The combined pH/Temperature probe/Red-Ox is sterilizable and can be connected easily to LAMBDA MINIFOR fermenter and bioreactor.

Thanks to the combined pH, temperature and redox electrode, only one probe has to be inserted into the sterile culture vessel instead of three individual probes. It does not require any additional connector, cable or side neck. Ensures better overview of the culture vessel and minimizes the risk of contamination!


LAMBDA REDOX measurement device

LAMBDA REDOX is an optional accessory of MINIFOR fermenter-bioreactor for the measurement of redox potential (ORP). The working range of the LAMBDA REDOX is from -999 to +999 mV. Negative values are indicated by lighting of the yellow "MINUS" LED.

LAMBDA REDOX measurement unit can be connected easily to the MINIFOR fermenter and bioreactor via the "PUMP" socket. The "pump" socket connection on the MINIFOR control unit serves both as the power supply and RS connection for digital data transfer of the REDOX measurement unit.

Accessories for connection of REDOX unit

The 8-pole cable (Art. No. 4810) for the connection of LAMBDA REDOX measurement unit to the "PUMP" socket at the rear side of the MINIFOR is provided free of charge.

All necessary connections are made just with this single cable. The measured data are transferred by the RS connection line of the MINIFOR fermenter-bioreactor to the PC fermentation software.


MINIFOR laboratory fermenter and bioreactor

The combined pH/T/REDOX probe is connected easily to the vessel side neck of laboratory fermenter-bioreactor LAMBDA MINIFOR instead of the standard sterilizable combined pH/T probe.

To connect the REDOX measurement unit, the "PUMP" socket at the rear of the MINIFOR fermenter-bioreactor control unit has to be modified.

MINIFOR fermenter-bioreactor must have been equipped with the redox option in advance.

For the redox measurement modifications, control unit of the procured MINIFOR fermenter-bioreactor can be simply sent back to LAMBDA Laboratory Instruments.

When buying a new fermenter / bioreactor, the REDOX measurement modifications can be implemented directly on the MINIFOR unit, if needed.

LAMBDA REDOX allows the measurement of the Red-Ox potential and the digital transfer of the data to the PC through its RS-485 interface. The measured data can be visualized and recorded for example by the fermentation software SIAM.

The connector "OUT" on the rear of LAMBDA REDOX can be used for the connection of another pump. It replaces the "PUMP" socket on the rear of the MINIFOR. Sockets "IN" and "POWER" are used only by service personnel.


SIAM process automation software (optional)

When connected to the MINIFOR fermenter and bioreactor, the REDOX measurement device transmits the measured data to the PC/laptop via RS-485 interface.

For data storage and visualization, we highly recommend the usage of SIAM industrial fermentation software. The SIAM process automation software displays all the controlled parameters and measured Redox value in a real-time graph.

For example: You could even automatically control the peristaltic pump to pump reducing agent to the culture vessel or stop, based on the set Redox value.

To communicate with your PC software, we can provide the RS-485 communication protocol of the REDOX potential measurement system.