LAMBDA Newsletter 2011

LAMBDA Laboratory News 2011

VIT-FIT HP – high forces well controlled

Looking for syringe pump for high-pressure applications in your laboratory?

A new generation of extremely robust syringe pumps are available:

VIT-FIT HP (high-pressure) provides high forces of 60 kg – one of the world’s strongest syringe pumps!



Syringe Pump Online Streaming Video

Needing a reliable peristaltic pump for your lab?

Learn about the construction of light and reliable LAMBDA peristaltic pumps, the on-board INTEGRATORand why stoppers are definitely out today. The LAMBDA peristaltic pumps reduce running costs and therefore save you more money than they cost.

Reliable pump construction proven by our 5-year warranty and excellent long-term results.


Peristaltic pump

Anaerobe fermentation: MINIFOR with REDOX signal

Are you looking for improved anaerobe culturing?

The MINIFOR fermentor’s addition is the new REDOX probe and control unit.

The displayed redox values [mV] are measured with the autoclavable ORP / Redox probe. Data is available on the automation software by RS communication.

Coming soon: the MINIFOR photo bioreactor light module


Bioreactor Fermentor Online Streaming Video

New powder DOSER vessels

Additional precaution for powder handling in industrial processes or laboratory experiments?

The LAMBDA powder DOSER is programmable and regulates the flow of powders, crystalline and granular solids. It comes with a 0.2 L vessel or 1 L vessel.

Fears of broken pieces of glass? LAMBDA provides new silicone coated vessels.


Powder Dosing Online Streaming Video

The right fraction at the right time & size

An automated fraction collector that adapts to volume fractions from microliters to many litres in containers of your choice and offers multi-stream configurations of up to 30 channels at a time.

Fully automated sampling, fraction collections, with a pump or free-flowing, for gradient systems, thermostatic bath and your battery-operated field experiments…

Handling is very easy as you can see on our video instructions.


Fraction Collector Chromatography