6.1 General specification


Type:LAMBDA MASSFLOW – microprocessor-controlled gas flow controller (controller only) and gas flow meter
Accuracy:± 3% reading or 1 digit
Repeatability:± 0.5 % reading or 1 digit
Flow range:
   MASSFLOW 50000-5.00 l/min in 0.01 l/min steps (controller or meter)
   MASSFLOW 5000-500 ml/min in 1 ml/min steps (controller or meter)
   MASSFLOW 500 hsAuto-range: 0-99.9 ml/min in 0.1 ml/min steps and 100-500 ml/min in 1 ml/min steps (meter only)
Calibration:nitrogen/air (pre-calibrated sensors for other gases available on request)
Non-volatile memory:storage of all settings
Maximum pressure:0.2 MPa
Interface:RS-485 or RS-232 (optional)
Power supply:90–240 V/50–60 Hz AC plug-in power supply with DC 12V/24W output; possible field operation on 12 V accumulator
Dimensions:10.5 (W) x 8 (H) x 17 (D) cm
Weight:0.8 kg
Safety:CE, meets IEC 1010/1 norm for laboratory instruments
Operation temperature:0-40 °C
Operation humidity:0-90% RH, not condensing
Remote control:0-10 V; (option 0-20 or 4-20 mA) (controller only)

6.2 Remote control (Inputs/outputs)


1.yellow(+) input remote flow control 0-10V *)
2.greypulses (1 pulse = 5 ml of gas for MASSFLOW 5000 and 0.5 ml for MASSFLOW 500, 0 and 12V)
3.greenearth, 0 V 
4.brown+ 12 V 
5.white(+) input remote ON/OFF; 0V = ON, 3–12 V = OFF (this logic can be inversed on demand)
6.pinkearth, ground (GND)
7.redRS 485 B (-)
8.blueRS 485 A (+)
*) (zero line connected to the contact no. 3)

6.3 Input (12 V DC)

Contact No.Description
1+12 V DC
20 V
3not connected