Dual flow continuous culture sysem for the simulation of rumen fermentation using the LAMBDA MINIFOR Fermenter and Bioreactor

LAMBDA MINIFOR Fermenter and Bioreactor system to mimic the ruminant digestive system

Dual-flow continuous culture system – The LAMBDA MINIFOR Fermenter-Bioreactor to simulate the rumen microbiome

For animal science, understanding the stomach compartment of ruminants like cows,  sheep, and goats is crucial. The LAMBDA MINIFOR Fermenter offers a perfect system for dual-flow continuous fermentation (DFCF).

DFCF systems maintain a constant influx of nutrients and substrates into the fermentation vessel, closely resembling the continuous feed flow in the rumen. This unique feature ensures the establishment of a stable and uninterrupted microbial ecosystem, mirroring what occurs in the stomach of ruminant animals.

Dual flow continuous culture system

Fig 1: Dual-flow continuous culture fermenter

The LMBBDA MINIFOR DFCF - Dual-flow continuous culture fermenter system can be tailored to mimic different aspects of the rumen microbiome, such as pH levels, substrate types, and microbial diversity. This versatility makes them invaluable for various research applications.

Beyond its core capabilities, the LAMBDA MINIFOR DFCF system can be equipped with additional features to enhance its functionality. For instance, researchers can connect a collection bag to capture the biogas produced during fermentation. This collected biogas can then be subjected to further analysis, shedding light on gas production rates, composition, and other critical parameters.

Exit-gas analysis for Measurement of  Methane and CO2.

Additionally, the system can be coupled with specialized analyzers like the LAMBDA METHAMETER, designed to measure methane concentrations in the exhaust gas, and a LAMBDA CARBOMETER for CO2 gas concentration measurement. These integrated tools provide comprehensive insights into the fermentation process.

Streamlined Control and Monitoring

The DFCF system is controlled and monitored with ease through a PC using the SIAM fermentation software. This centralized control allows researchers to manage multiple Dual-Flow Continuous Culture Fermenters simultaneously, enabling parallel experiments and comprehensive data management.

Streamlined Control and Monitoring of culture parameter through fermentation software

The LAMBDA MINIFOR used in Oscillatory Flow Bioreactor applications: 

The hydrodynamics and mixing pattern of the LAMBDA MINIFOR fermenter-bioreactor operate in an oscillatory manner. The up-and-down movement of the impeller ensures consistent oscillatory mixing. This gentle, whole-volume agitation of the medium facilitates optimal gas distribution and promotes culture growth. Moreover, the absence of vortex generation during mixing eliminates the need for baffles.

 LAMBDA MINIFOR - An Oscillatory reactor

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