LAMBDA Newsletter 2016-March

LAMBDA Laboratory News 2016

Doser and Hi-Doser automated powder feeder with 3 L vessel capacity

Powder dosing instrument with higher capacity

Increased capacity with the new interchangeable 3L vessel for the powder dispensing instrument DOSER and HI-DOSER

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MINIFOR laboratory fermentor and bioreactorCustomized 2-stream OMNICOLL fraction collector with LAMBDA peristaltic pumps for 96-well platesHigh quality & reliable LAMBDA laboratory peristaltic pumps

Lab fermentor and bioreactor

Smallest footprint bench-top laboratory fermentor and bioreactor for a wide range of applications

Modular fraction collector

Customize the OMNICOLL fraction collector and sampler according to your chromatographic needs

°°°Reliable peristaltic pumps

Highly reliable laboratory peristaltic pumps with reproducible and stable flow rates for several weeks