Reliable peristaltic pumps for bioreactor and fermentor

Highly reliable, variable speed LAMBDA peristaltic pumps for third-party bioreactors and fermenters which requisite quality peripheral devices for better results.

Reliable LAMBDA peristaltic liquid pumps can be remote controlled as a peripheral device by other third-party laboratory bioreactors or fermentors digitally from computer via RS-interface or directly by analog signal. Thus, the problems with cheap, built-in, fixed speed, ON/OFF pumps in the third-party reactor systems can be ignored.

LAMBDA feed pump, bleed pump and harvest pumps for fermenters and bioreactors

Because, LAMBDA laboratory peristaltic pumps have been specially developed for long term continuous processes like in fermentations and cell cultures:

With autoclavable tubing, easy-to-clean surfaces and a compact design, LAMBDA peristaltic pumps are ideal for aseptic and sterile applications.

LAMBDA's special tubing compression is gentle on the tubing and flow rates remain constant for several weeks without the risk of tubing rupture in long term experiments like continuous cultures, chemostat and perfusion.

LAMBDA offers acid and base pumps for automatic pH regulation, as well as feed and harvest pumps to supply media in chemostat or other continuous fermentation in USP (upstream processing).

For fed-batch fermentation, LAMBDA peristaltic pumps are used as a feed pump (C-feed pump) for linear and exponential feed profiles. All LAMBDA peristaltic pumps offer the possibility of running a pre-programmed feed flow profile with automatic switch ON and OFF of the feed pump.

Would you like to upgrade your old laboratory fermentor and bioreactor with LAMBDA peristaltic pump or select the bioreactor MINIFOR where high quality peristaltic pumps are offered as a standard option?

The bioreactor MINIFOR, LAMBDA peristaltic pumps and other accessories could be found in the product overview of LAMBDA Laboratory Instruments at