Innovative and efficient design of the LAMBDA Peristaltic Pumps

Many decades of laboratory experience, which leads to the systematic elimination of the imperfections found in other peristaltic pumps on the market.

Precise, reliable and most compact peristaltic pump in its class. Well-proved mechanics of this pump includes flow rate programming and allows user up to 99 steps of time, which allows the creation of any flow rate profile. 


Peristaltic pumps for continuous operation: The LAMBDA pump head rotates with unusual large, spring-loaded pressure rollers. Together with the asymmetrical hose guide, the pressure caused by rollers on tubing minimise and it decreases the pulsation in the liquid flow. Only the LAMBDA peristaltic pumps deliver reliable and precise delivery over several months of continuous use, even with the cheapest silicone hoses.

The large rollers in the peristaltic pump is a quality feature! 

Peristaltic Pump Rollers

  • 3 large rollers consisting of high-performance corrosion-resistant plastic ball bearings with glass beads
  • Asymmetrical pump head design increases the effective pump head diameter
  • Spring-loaded off-center levers move the rollers gradually and softly, thus increasing tubing life and reducing pulsations. 

Tubing for the LAMBDA Peristaltic Pumps

Silicone tubings are best suited for LAMBDA peristaltic pumps . Silicone tubes are inexpensive and autoclavable , making them ideal for sterile applications on the bioreactor. Other hoses can also be used in the LAMBDA laboratory pump, which have the same mechanical properties in terms of elasticity / hardness as the following silicone hoses.


Inner / outer diameter [mm] of the hoses:

  • 0.5 / 2.5 mm;
  • 1/3 mm;
  • 2/4 mm;
  • 3/5 mm;
  • 4/6 mm.


Inside / outside diameter [mm] of the Viton tube:

2/4 mm;
3/5 mm;
4/6 mm.

Silicone Tubing (Model: MEGAFLOW)

Inner / outer diameter [mm] of the MEGAFLOW hoses:

  • 2/6 mm;
  • 4/8 mm;
  • 6/10 mm;
  • 8/12 mm