• Place the control unit just at the beginning of the gear rails. (Figure 1.1-9) The distance from the edge should be the same on the left and right sides. The gear wheels of the control unit must engage correctly in the gears of both rails. Be sure that nothing will disturb the movement of the control unit during fraction collection.
  • Connect the cable of the control unit of the OMNICOLL fraction collector and sampler with the power supply plug. (Figure 1.1-10)
  • Connect the power supply to the AC mains (95-240 V / 50-60 Hz). The control unit and its arm move automatically to the first position in the first row.
  • Press the SET button (a short acoustic signal is heard). By pressing the COUNT/TIME button you can select fractionation according to time or volume. The yellow LED indicates which collection mode has been selected. (Please refer section 3.4.1).
  • Use the four buttons Λ Λ Λ Λ under the display to select the desired value. Confirm it by pressing the SET button again (a long acoustical signal is heard). The fraction time can be set from 0.1 min to 999.9 min (about 16.6 hours) in 0.1 min steps or from 1 to 9999 min in 1 min steps. To change the time resolution, please refer to section 3.4.2. For the setting of the volume, please refer to section 3.5.
  • Pass the dispensing tubing (PTFE) through the tubing holder as described in section 1.2 and tighten the tube holder in the collector arm so that the dispensing tubing is about 1 cm above the tubes or recipients.
  • Place the tube rack on the fixing mat (Figure 1.1-8), so that the first tube is just under the tip of the tubing and the edge of the rack is parallel to the yellow frontal support (Figure 1.1-12). Place the additional tube racks immediately behind the first and following racks.
  • Make sure that nothing will block the movement of the control unit during the fraction collection and that the tubing length is sufficient for taking all fractions or samples.
  • Press the START button to begin the collection of fractions or sample taking (Figure 3.6-6). The green LED will be on and, if you use a LAMBDA peristaltic pump (PRECIFLOW, MULTIFLOW, HIFLOW or MAXIFLOW), it will be activated automatically. (refer section 3.6)
  • You may use the magnetic block to stop the fraction collection. Place the supplied magnet on the right inner side of the frame (Figure 1.1-11).
    It might happen that the position of the optical sensors lies outside the coding lines of the magnetic band inserted into the carriage.
When started in such a position, the fraction collecting arm will move either to the extreme left or right position, according to the instrument setting and is blocked there.
After several seconds an automatic protection will switch off the motor.

To move the arm into the coding mark signals just press the button STEP. The arm will move to the border coding line and will operate correctly within the marked limits of the inserted magnetic coded band.

If the moving arm is blocked in its movement or operated without inserted magnetic coding band, the motor will stop and the message “Error” will appear on the display. Switch off the power, resolve the problem and start again as usual.