7.1 Construction of the pump head

The asymmetric peristaltic pump head is made of hard, chemically resistant material. The pressure on the tubing is transmitted gradually through an off-center lever and spring made of stainless steel. This assures that only minimal pressure is applied to the tubing, which guarantees:

  • Reliable functioning of the pump without unnecessary deformation and strain on the tubing.
  • If the line is blocked, the liquid pressure is reduced to approx. 1.5 bar (approx. 2 bar, in-case of MEGAFLOW pump).
  • Reduced pulsation of the pump liquid.

Construction of the rollers of LAMBDA peristaltic pumps

LAMBDA peristaltic pumps are constructed with ball bearings of a larger diameter with glass beads. The main advantages of roller construction:

  • Suppresses corrosion,
  • Minimizes pulsation and
  • Reduced friction or lowest mechanical strain on the tubing.

The bearings glide over the tubing so gently, that it is not necessary to prevent the movement of the tubing by special fixation like stoppers or clamps:

  • The pump tubing will not be drawn into the peristaltic pump head even at high pumping speeds and
  • The lifetime of the pump tubing is considerably extended.

7.2 High quality Swiss motor and microprocessor

The high quality Swiss motor and integrated microprocessor electronics assure:

  • Highest precision of flow rate
    without inertia when switching peristaltic pump ON and OFF.

7.3 Compact and handy peristaltic pump construction

LAMBDA peristaltic pumps is easy to use, highly reliable, stackable and saves expensive laboratory bench-space!

  • Minimized dimension
  • Compact

7.4 In-built remote control options

The various remote control options and the possibility of pump flow integration expand the application possibilities of LAMBDA peristaltic pumps as a peripheral devices in automated control systems in research laboratories and process optimization:

  • Acid, base, feed and harvest pumps for lab fermenters and bioreactors or
  • Chemical synthesis in laboratory
  • Peristaltic pumps for auto-sampler (lab or field trial)

The LAMBDA peristaltic pumps come with remote socket for analog remote control. In addition, the peristaltic pumps can be supplied with optional RS-485 or RS-232 interface for digital remote control, e.g. from a PC (laptop).

(You can find the communication protocol in the Appendix section.)


7.5 Programmable peristaltic pumps

The microprocessors of the MULTIFLOW, MAXIFLOW, HiFLOW and MEGAFLOW peristaltic pumps allow programming of up to 99 steps of flow and time setting, locally on the pump display. The flow direction can be selected for each program step.