8.1 General specification
8.2 Inputs/outputs

8.1 General specification

Type:LAMBDA OMNICOLL – microprocessor-controlled programmable fraction collector – sampler
Collection mode:Linear (line), meander (zigzag) or row collection
Normal modus:
   Time:0.1 to 999.9 minutes (16.67 hours) in 0.1 min steps or 1 to 9999 minutes (166.7 hours) in 1 min steps
   Volume:0.01 to 500 ml or 0.6 to 30 litres (external counts using LAMBDA peristaltic pump)
High modus:same as Normal modus, but with a pause between fractions (from 0.1 to 999.9 minutes or 1 to 9999 minutes)
Remote control:
   Normal modus:Collector takes a single fraction after an external voltage pulse of 3-12 V (or 12-30 V with a 3300 ohm resistor)
   High modus:Collector takes a 1 to 999 fractions after a single external voltage pulse of 3-12 V (or 12-30 V with a 3300 ohm resistor)
Capacity:Any tube rack or container type with a surface smaller than 45x31cm
   Using supplied racks:360 tubes of 12-13 mm diameter
240 tubes of 16 mm diameter
160 tubes of 20 mm diameter
96 tubes of 30 mm diameter
The capacity can be increased many times by coupling several lower fraction collector parts together.
Non-volatile memory:storage of all settings
Interface:RS-232 (optional)
Power supply:95–240 V/60–50 Hz AC plug-in power supply with DC
9V/12W output; possible field operation on 12 V accumulator
Dimensions:34 (W) x 30 (H) x 49 (D) cm
Weight:6.5 Kg
Safety:CE, meets IEC 1010/1 norm for laboratory instruments
Operation temperature:0-40 °C
Operation humidity:0-90% RH, not condensing
Remote control:0-10 V; (option 0-20 or 4-20 mA)
Fuse:1.5 A (on printed circuit board)

For safety reasons, the voltage of the external signal must not exceed 48V to earth!


8.2 Inputs/outputs

1blueInput remote speed control +3-12V
2greenImpulses of the stepping motor of the LAMBDA peristaltic pump (0 and 12 V)
3whiteReserved for RS-232 TTTL
4redInput voltage + 9 V
5brownOutput remote control for the pump (+ 9-12 V)
6yellowReserved for RS-232 RTTL shield = common zero
7Shielding is the common ground