Programmable microfluidics syringe pump

LAMBDA offers high quality, programmable VIT-FIT lab syringe pumps for microfluidics and lab-on-chip applications.

Microfluidics and lab-on-chip applications

Microfluidics application demand accurate control and measurement of fluid flow and volume within the microchannel. 

High quality, reliable and programmable VIT-FIT lab syringe pumps fulfil the requirements of microfluidics and lab-on-chip applications:

LAMBDA VIT-FIT programmable syringe pump for microfluidics and lab-on-chip applications 
  • Extremely robust mechanics of the VIT-FIT syringe pump provide highly precise and pulsation-free flow of liquid.
  • Microprocessor controlled electronics of the VIT-FIT syringe pump offers reliable and steady flow rates.
  • Casing and main body of VIT-FIT syringe pump are made of metal with solvent resistant protection.

Any glass, plastic, metal syringes from 5 μl to over 150 ml could be used with the VIT-FIT programmable microfluidic syringe pump.

Infusion rates range from 0.4 nl/min (with a 5 ml syringe) to 110 ml/min (with a 150 ml syringe).

References of VIT-FIT syringe pumps in microfluidics: 

Precise micro syringe pump VIT-FIT for cell manipulation in microfluidic cell rotator

Precise micro syringe pump VIT-FIT for cell manipulation in microfluidic cell rotator
In this publication, researchers precisely controlled the flow in the microchannels of microfluidic cell rotator by micro syringe pump VIT-FIT with infusion and withdrawal function for cell manipulation.

Microfluidic VIT-FIT syringe pumps with microfluidic chip-photo thermal lens microscopy (MFC-PTLM)

Two VIT-FIT microfluidic syringe pump with microfluidic chip-PTLM
In the above mentioned reference, two microfluidic syringe pumps VIT-FIT introduced MMI and GNP solutions to the microchannels of glass MFC-PTLM at a flow rate of 200 μL/min to determine MMI Methimazole (1-methyl-2-mercaptoimidazole) in human serum and pharmaceutical samples.

VIT-FIT syringe pumps coupled to microfluidic mixer with FTIR spectrometer

VIT-FIT programmable microfluidic syringe pumps coupled to microfluidic mixer
Here, two VIT-FIT programmable microfluidic syringe pumps used to deliver protein and NaOH solutions at a rate of 10 arb. units to microfluidic mixer with FTIR-spectrometer for on-line monitoring of protein conformation under varying conditions.

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