LAMBDA MINI-4-GAS modul umožňuje flexibilní regulaci dodávek jednotlivých různých plynů (vzduch, O2, CO2, N2, jiné plyny) pro buněčnou kulturu stejně tak pro mikrobiální aplikace s vysokou hustotou buněk v laboratořích.

Build up your own high quality gas station

  • Free selection of gases
  • Individual flow rates per gas
  • Pressure independent flow rate measurement
  • Stand-alone & programmable or remote control by industrial fermentation software SIAM

MINI-4-GAS is as easy to put together as puzzle pieces

  • High quality and cost effective setup
  • Each MASSFLOW will control one gas in your gas-mixture
  • MINI-4-GAS is modular


  • Specially developed for the precise flow measurement and control of gases
  • Uses a high quality laminar mass flow sensor with a very low pressure drop
  • Flow rate is regulated by a special proprietary proportional needle valve controlled by a microprocessor
  • Flow rate is programmable (up to 50 pairs of flow rates and times)
  • Transferred gas volume can be totalized with the INTEGRATOR
MINI-4-GAS is a high quality and cost efficient customizable setup. Free selection of gas types: Air, Oxygen, Carbon dioxide, Nitrogen for high precision; (optional: Methane, Carbon monoxide, etc.) Customizable gas station (2-gas mix, 3-gas mix, 4-gas mix) with massflow gas flow controllers are specially designed to use with the MINIFOR laboratory bioreactors and fermentors. E.g.: it allows control of the pH of a cell culture by the controlled addition of gaseous CO2, the control of dissolved oxygen by regulation of the airflow or any other gas with a suitable controller. However, it can also be used independently, since all its functions can be controlled from the front panel of the MASSFLOW.

Individual flow rates per gas:

  • MASSFLOW 5000: 0 – 5 l/min 
  • MASSFLOW 500: 0 – 500 ml/min
The flow rate is regulated by a special proprietary proportional needle valve controlled by a microprocessor. The flow rate can be programmed and the transferred gas volume totalized with the optional FLOW INTEGRATOR. MINI-4-GAS automatic gas mixing module can be used with MINIFOR fermentor and bioreactor and also as a stand-alone instrument. The extension of industrial fermentation software SIAM, MINI-4-GAS software allows a complete automatic gas-mix control for MINIFOR fermentor – bioreactor system and extension of PNet software for stand-alone MINI-4-GAS module.

According to your project, you can choose

  • Upto 4 gases of your choice in 2 different ranges up to 500 or 5000 ml/min
  • 2 gas-mix for pO2 control and O2 enrichment in high cell density microbial fermentation process and biofuel development
  • 3 gas-mix for pH control by CO2 / anaerobic fermentation
  • 4 gas-mix for cell cultures, stem cells and tissue cultures
  • Constant total flow