LAMBDA MINIFOR: Extremely compact fermentor-bioreactor system

Do you have space for a sheet of A4 paper on your laboratory bench? Then, there’s still enough place for the MINIFOR fermentor-bioreactor!

Watch your MINIFOR bioreactor because this compact and handy fermentor can be carried away by a single personThe main reason for reducing the instrument's dimension is because laboratory bench space is one of the most expensive surfaces known.

Therefore, LAMBDA made a major effort to construct the most compact reactor available which despite of its compactness allows excellent access to the fermentation vessel from all sides. Instead of piling up equipment into towers (control unit) beside the reaction vessel, all components are placed just below the fermentation vessel with which both the bioreactor’s foot print and its dimensions are highly reduced. The sealed, water tight control unit also serves as a stable holder for vessels of all volumes.

Additionally, cables, connections, tubing as well as the heating source disappear inside the control unit which makes the bioreactor vessel environment much less complex and convenient to work with the LAMBDA MINIFOR bioreactor/fermenter. 



Perfect parameter control and smallest footprint

  • Minimum bioreactor foot print comparable to the size of an A4 sheet of paper (220 x 400 mm)
  • Weighs only 7.5 kg - could be carried away even by a child!
  • Covers the whole laboratory-scale culture volume range from 35 ml to 6 liters
  • Measurement and regulation of °C, pH, pO2, airflow rate, stirring and a selectable parameter 'X'

How an extremely compact bioreactor-fermentor system is possible?

  • Pumps are placed at the rear to keep lines short
  • Storage bottles are securely placed in magnetic holders behind the fermenter vessel
  • Parameter regulation and monitoring at a glance
  • Easily accessible connections: Probes and ports are at an angle of 30°C for easy ergonomic handling
  • Efficient IR heater integrated inside the control unit

It spares also a lot of work doing all the connections for each experiment (setup and dismantling time).