Thanks to the use of a plug-in power supply giving only a low voltage of 12 V DC, the danger of electrical shock during the use of the LAMBDA peristaltic pump has been virtually eliminated. This applies even when an electro conductive solution penetrates the peristaltic tubing pump (as a consequence of an accident).
If this happens, unplug the peristaltic pump from the mains before cleaning and servicing!

Usually, the peristaltic pumps are used in the vertical position. LAMBDA laboratory peristaltic pumps can also be easily stacked, thus allowing optimal use of the precious laboratory bench space.

In any case, the ventilation gaps of the peristaltic pump should not be covered!

If the peristaltic tubing pump is not used for an extended period of time, disconnect it from the mains.

For safety reasons, the voltage of the external signal must not exceed 48 V to earth!