LAMBDA Newsletter 2012

LAMBDA Laboratory News 2012

Are you looking for a multi-tasking versatile fraction collector or sampler?

The unique LAMBDA OMNICOLL fraction collector-sampler handles single and multiple streams and can collect fractions into virtually any rack or recipients.

We have expanded the OMNICOLL fraction collector to simultaneously collect 20 and even more streams.

LAMBDA OMNICOLL fraction collector-sampler - single and multiple streams collection into virtually any rack or recipients

Highest quality in peristaltic pumps

The long-time optimization of the LAMBDA peristaltic pumps provides features and quality that are not found elsewhere. Therefore, we offer a 5-year warranty.

Save money and get reliable results at the same time.

Precise, compact and reliable LAMBDA peristaltic pumps

Move it like a fish!

Did you know that it took over 500 million years for nature to develop the fish tail to allow a perfect transmission of energy to the water?

The LAMBDA MINIFOR is the only laboratory fermenter-bioreactor on the market that uses this know-how of the nature and is equipped with the unique bio-mimicking "fish-tail" bio-agitator which has high efficiency and is soft to cells.

Or have you ever seen a fish with a marine propeller instead of a fish-tail?

LAMBDA MINIFOR fermenter-bioreactor - bio-mimicking fish-tail agitation has high efficiency and is soft to cells

Greater success by smaller steps

Do you need a fine tuned gassing for your fermentation, biotransformation or biosynthesis?

The new standard MASSFLOW gas flow regulator incorporated in the MINIFOR bench-top fermentor & bioreactor series allows now even smaller gassing steps of 10 ml/min for a very precise automatic gas control.

This is an additional advantage when working with small culture volumes. Compared to rotameters, the MASSFLOW allows precise and automatic gas flow control and gassing values can be saved and visualized.

Laboratory scale bench-top fermentor-bioreactor LAMBDA MINIFOR - precise automatic gas flow regulation

Powder dosing – the automatic and safe way

Are you still adding or dosing powders manually?

Then the LAMBDA DOSER will save your valuable time and add powders and powdery substances automatically, precisely and safely.

The programmable powder dosing instrument is available with interchangeable 0.2l and 1l vessels. Silicon-coated vessels are also available

Programmable LAMBDA DOSER for automatic and safe powder dosing - 1 liter capacity vessel

Syringe pumps with highest mechanical robustness

Do you need to dispense even viscous liquids precisely?

The LAMBDA VIT-FIT and VIT-FIT HP high-pressure syringe pumps offer an unprecedented mechanical robustness and provide high forces of up to 600 N.

Did you know that the powerful mechanics of the LAMBDA syringe pumps is fully protected and is therefore not damaged by accidental spills and syringe leakages?

High pressure syringe pumps LAMBDA VIT-FIT with high mechanical robustness and forces - the mechanics are protected from accidental spills or leakages