LAMBDA Newsletter 2010

LAMBDA Laboratory News 2010

Fermentation and Biotransformation without cooling water?

The MINIFOR Fermenter & Bioreactor can be equipped with a Peltier cooling loop.

This thermoelectric cooling system can now also be combined with a heat pipe. This increases the thermal conductivity by a factor of 80 and provides you with the following advantages:

  • Cooling of the culture medium to 5°C below room temperature (or lower than this with the corresponding vessel isolation)

  • Combined with the infrared-heating system of the MINIFOR bioreactor it offers very precise temperature control of the cell culture.

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Excentric stirring with a precise speed setting

Are you still looking for a proper and soft agitation of small culture volumes and shear-sensitive cells like CHO or oomycetes?

The laboratory fermentor and bioreactor MINIFOR offers the new excentric stirrer. It allows you to set the stirring speeds from 0 to 20 Hz (0 to 1200 rpm) in small steps of 0.1 Hz (6rpm). This also allows the lowest agitation speeds to be controlled precisely.

In combination with the biomimicking elastic „fish-tail“-stirring discs you can work more advantageously and economically, in one and the same bioreactor with a great variety of culture types – from shear-sensitive animal cells to mycelia-forming fungi and bacterial cultures.

Pumps that keep up with the times

The well-proven LAMBDA syringe pumps and VIT-FIT HP high-pressure syringe pumps, the handy peristaltic pumps and the exceptional powder DOSER can be programmed directly on the instrument in time steps of 0.1 minutes.

While providing you shorter programming steps we can also offer you a longer warranty of 5 years.

Flexible - without stepping out of line!

Are you tired of running back and forth to your ion-exchanger or chromatographic columns? – We recommend you the OMNICOLL.

The OMNICOLL fraction collector accommodates for your projects:
Fully automated sampling, fraction collections, with a pump or free-flowing, for gradient systems, one followed by the other or with a pause in between, single or multiple streams, in lines or in meander mode, or even for your field experiments as it can be battery-operated. OMNICOLL can even be used with your thermostatic bath, cold bath or heating block.

Eluates, fractions and samples can be collected starting from the smallest volumes into tubes up to many liters into bottles or containers of your choice.

With only 49x32x10cm the OMNICOLL fraction collector and sampler is easily stowable – should it not be in use.

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