Easy sterility maintenance in MINIFOR fermentor-bioreactor

LAMBDA's unique sterility construction assures with perfect and easy sterility maintenance for each and every run at LOWEST COST.


Sterility is the most important quality of bioreactors. Sterility must be easy to obtain and also easy to maintain for a long time. 

In continuous processes, the culture must be sterile for many weeks. Otherwise, the resulting loss of time and money may be very high and even higher than the cost of the bioreactor system itself.

By eliminating the critical points causing contamination in common fermenters and bioreactors, it is possible to maintain the sterility for long continuous runs.

Unique sterility construction

  • Complete physical closure of the vessel and the side necks
  • LAMBDA double-seal PEEK tubing connector
  • Permanent stoppers with multiple seals
  • High quality Peristaltic Pumps for long term continuous runs


Complete physical closure (sealing) of the vessel achieved with one large central elastic membrane and a new stirring system (non-rotational mixing).

A strong silicone membrane isolates completely the vessel from the outer environment. The sterility is thus equivalent to magnetic coupling, but is considerably less complex and much less expensive.

The reactor vessel was constructed with several side necks. To make sure that no contamination is possible through these, permanent stoppers with multiple seals were introduced. Like this, the well known sterility problems with flattened o-rings have been eliminated and there is no need to replace seals from run to run. The manipulation of the different ports is as simple as the closing of a bottle with a cap! 

Reliable LAMBDA lab peristaltic pumps offer stable and reproducible flow rates for several weeks without the risk of tubing rupture. All the tubing connections to ports and storage bottles are made aseptic with the special LAMBDA double-seal tubing connectors to maintain a sterile fluid pathway.

MINIFOR fermentor and bioreactor vessel ports with LAMBDA septum for aseptic inoculation (small volume, multi-track needle channel) and other ports for aseptic large volume (single-track needle channels) like acid, base, antifoam, media supplements, harvest, feed, or sampling.

Easy to maintain aseptic conditions