LAMBDA Newsletter 2009

LAMBDA Laboratory News 2009

Did you know?

The ideal peristaltic pump would have an infinite diameter of the pump head and largest possible diameter of the compression rollers.

This would eliminate pulsation and provide a perfectly constant flow rate together with an unlimited lifetime of the tubing. Learn more about the construction of peristaltic pumps and why “tubing-devouring” pumps with stoppers are definitely out today:

Real workhorses with a 5-year warranty

The LAMBDA peristaltic pumps are real workhorses which cut down your operating and maintenance costs. You will find out that these peristaltic pumps save more money than they cost!

Real pumps for the crisis!

Learning by watching

Do you also love reading operation manuals and instructions?

… still we have made videos for you!

They show how easily LAMBDA instruments are operated and programmed.

The Online-Streaming-Video can also be downloaded to your laboratory server. Like this you ban the old, dust catching manuals from your lab.

You will find video instructions for the powder dosing instrument DOSER, the laboratory bench-top fermenter-bioreactor MINIFOR, the syringe pump VIT-FIT, the gas flow regulator MASSFLOW and other LAMBDA laboratory instruments.

How to select a bioreactor?

How to compare different laboratory fermenters and bioreactors?

Which one fulfills your requirements and offers the best price-to-performance ratio?

No easy task! Especially, if you know that good results are far more important than the acquisition costs.

We have compiled the advantageous concepts for you, which will result in economical and reproducible results on the laboratory scale.

Peristaltic Pumps

Fermentor / Bioreactor Online Streaming Video

Powder Dosing Online Streaming Video

Syringe Pump Online Streaming Video

Discover why fish have a tail and not a marine blade stirrer!
Discover why fish have a tail and not a marine blade stirrer!