Overview of innovations introduced into MINIFOR fermentor-bioreactor

LAMBDA MINIFOR laboratory fermentor-bioreactor is not just another similar product on the market, but an instrument into which more than twenty innovations have been introduced.

Reasons why your cells will love it... and you, too!

Extremely compact fermentor-bioreactor LAMBDA MINIFOR
Easy sterility concept of LAMBDA MINIFOR fermentor-bioreactor
Elimination of head plates in MINIFOR fermentor-bioreactor
Optimized fermentor-bioreactor vessel design: MINIFOR
Bio-mimicking agitation of MINIFOR fermentor-bioreactor
Efficient up & down agitation in MINIFOR fermentor-bioreactor
Automatic gas mixing module for lab fermentor-bioreactor
LAMBDA chemostat: Easy weight control for continuous cultures
Pump-flow integrator: Economic alternative to OD measurement
Guide to select the right bioreactor for stem cell culture
World's smallest antifoam control system
Precise temperature maintenance with IR heating
Pump happy with LAMBDA lab peristaltic liquid pumps
Optimized fungal cultures in MINIFOR Fermentor and Bioreactor