LAMBDA Newsletter 2013

LAMBDA Laboratory News 2013

The essence in short – spicing up information with some color!

With our new info graphics you will get the overview: easily and quickly: Easy-Sterility Concept in laboratory bioreactors, optimized vessels for simple and ergonomic handling, here comes the sun - soft radiation heating for your cell cultures, world’s smallest anti-foam control system, and some more…

And if you want to get into more details, you can watch our video instruction guides or download some more extensive reading.

Easy sterility concept in laboratory bioreactors and fermenters-LAMBDA MINIFOR

Stop GOOGLing – Start LAMBDing!

You have found the requested laboratory instrument on our pages. Now you can discuss further details or inquiries directly with us:

Just ask your questions simply and spontaneously in our live chat tool, we’ll be there to assist you personally.

Personal assistance by live chat tool-just ask your questions!

Not just an automatic gas-mixing system: the MINI-4-GAS

The MINI-4-GAS gas mixing is now available for the MINIFOR laboratory bioreactor and allows a fully automatic parameter regulation by mixing the different gases.

You select the parameters (pH, pO2, …), number of gas streams (Air, O2, CO2, N2, …) and the flow rate range. We supply the know-how, the electronic mass flow regulation of the gases and the Software.

MINI-4-GAS mixes, measures, records and visualizes. You will be amazed!

OMNICOLL fraction collector and sampler– only the sky is the limit!

As you probably already know, the OMNICOLL fraction collector and auto-sampler masters any step (linear, meander-like, single channel as well as multiple, simultaneous streams) and any volume.

But do you know that you can extend its capacity as much as you like? You’ll only need to check the space in your lab – we’ll provide the requested capacity extensions.

Tube and rack capacity extension for fraction collectors and samplers-LAMBDA OMNICOLL

A small peristaltic pump with big rollers goes Wikipedia

Thanks to a publication about the optimized pump head design and rollers of peristaltic pumps, the LAMBDA peristaltic pump was published on Wikipedia.

And did you know that you can also get the LAMBDA PRECIFLOW peristaltic pumps worldwide (in over 150 countries) at your local Sigma-Aldrich supplier?

Large stock for shortest delivery times

The Lambda Yellow Service is now complemented by new logistics: Our large stock of laboratory instruments. You simply order, the instrument passes quality-check and is then delivered immediately:

Powder dosing instruments DOSERSyringe pumps VIT-FITPeristaltic pumps PRECIFLOW, MULTIFLOW, HIFLOW & MAXIFLOWBioreactors & Fermenters MINIFORFraction collectors OMNICOLLGas flow regulators MASSFLOW

Large stock of laboratory instruments-peristaltic pumps, bioreactors, fermenters, syringe pumps, fraction collectors, powder dosing instruments for quick delivery