LAMBDA Newsletter 2017

LAMBDA Laboratory News 2017

What's NEW from LAMBDA?

MAXIFLOW peristaltic pump for automated liquid dispensing in industrial application

Automated liquid dispensing in production line

Programmable MAXIFLOW peristaltic liquid pump for automated continuous dispensing and filling in industrial application.

MAXIFLOW peristaltic pump
Automated powder dosing in lab with DOSER and HI-DOSER   Customization possibilities of OMNICOLL fraction collector and sampler

How to automate powder dispensing?

Automation of powder dispensing process in lab to reduce human error, risk of spillage and conform to safety standards.


Multi-talented fraction collector and sampler

Customization possibilities of the versatile OMNICOLL automated fraction collector and sampler according to your project specifications.

Automate powder dosing Customize fraction collector
 Programmable VIT-FIT syringe pump for microfluidic applications

MINIFOR lab fermentor-bioreactor

MINIFOR bioreactor utilized for the production of CB.Hep-1 mAb using mouse hybridoma cell culture in protein-free media (CIGB, Cuba).


Precise microfluidic syringe pump

LAMBDA offers the high quality and programmable VIT-FIT syringe pumps for your microfluidics and lab-on-chip applications.

MINIFOR fermentor-bioreactor Lab syringe pump