Módulo de pesada para cultivo continuo

Módulo de pesada para cultivo continuo

Quimiostato: Módulo de pesada para mantener el peso del cultivo constante (conectado al canal "X" del MINIFOR).

Fermentación en modo continuo (quimiostato)

El MINIFOR provee una solución para el control automático del peso de alta de bajo costo y alta calidad para cultivos en modo de operación continuo (quimiostato). 

Un balanza adaptada (opcional) permite el pesado del fermentador. Se coloca simplemente debajo de la parte frontal de la unidad de control de base del fermentador y se conecta por el enchufe del canal X del fermentador. Por medio de una bomba conectada al enchufe PUMP X del fermentador se puede mantener constante el peso (volumen) del cultivo. La bomba de cosecha mantendrá automáticamente el peso del cultivo constante. Esta función está incluida en el kit Listo para el Uso (START UP). Ello permite las corridas de cultivos continuos a bajo costo. 

Cultivos continuos = LAMBDA MINIFOR fermentador-bioreactor + Bomba de alimentación + Bomba de cosecha + Módulo de pesada

Features of LAMBDA Chemostat
Scale module can be placed readily under the front part of MINIFOR fermentor and bioreactor, to control the weight and consequently the amount of culture
Weight control independent of agitation, aeration, temperature, foaming, gas uptake & pressure
Efficient optimization of experiments in hours instead of days / weeks
Considerably higher productivity, e.g., yield of 3L continuous culture is equal to 30L batch culture
High quality, reliable and variable speed programmable peristaltic pumps specially developed for long term continuous processes
Peristaltic pumps with constant and reproducible flow rates for several weeks, without the risk of tubing rupture or other malfunctions (turbidostat, chemostat)
Precise & high quality weight control with GLP and GMP conform
Why Chemostat?
Continuous cultures (chemostat) allow a considerable increase in productivity, faster optimization of experiments and at lower cost. In an equilibrated dilution state, culture parameters can be studied more efficiently than in a batch.

If larger amounts of biomass should be occasionally produced, then for example with a 3 liter vessel, in a continuous run, a productivity of a 30 liter batch system or even more can be attained!

Therefore, all LAMBDA MINIFOR bioreactors and fermenters are electronically prepared for the reception of a low cost scale module, which allows running high quality continuous culture with constant culture weight. This is not achieved by the frequently proposed cheap solutions of using overflow tubes, draft tubes and the like. In not weight controlled vessels the effective amount of culture can vary considerably when agitation or aeration is changed. In such cases, no quantitative conclusions can be made.